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14 th cerveira international art biennale _ 18  august  TO 29  september 2007


The What is Watt? artistic event, now shown in the Cerveira Biennale, refers to former editions that have taken place in 2001, 2003 and 2005 in Funchal (Madeira), at the Museum of Electricity, the University of Madeira, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and in Fórum da Maia (Oporto) in 2006. This event came to light through meetings and territorial affinities between some of the group’s artists, and their concurring vision on the production and understanding of artwork. Since the first event in 2001 the group’s cohesion led to the artistic issues in the fields of art and technique and in visualising artwork through its technological extension.


The meaningful title of this project - What is Watt? – questions the increasing use of media in artwork production and points out the interdependence of the artistic experience related to it, therefore promoting intermedia artistic productions in which electricity is assumed as an energetic flow, vital to the operability of the social and the artistic contemporary act. The electric current is introduced as an indispensable umbilical cord and as an agent in the production of artworks, in the time between life and the intermittent state of “on” and “off”.


All the works shown throughout these years, relate thus, to experimental and open processes of artistic production, that assume as a basic concept that different media progressively embodies different responses and strategies, and that each response brings into existence an aesthetic identity through personal concepts and projects by the artists.








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